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Eye Exams and Eyecare

At Eyecare Associates of Lewistown, we stress the importance of complete eye evaluations including the evaluation for glaucoma, cataract, macular degeneration, hypertension, cholesterol, diabetes, cardio-vascular wellness, and much more. Below is an overview of our detailed eye examination process.

Our Exam Process
Each exam starts with highly sophisticated automated equipment used to give us baseline readings of your visual system. Throughout the remainder of your exam this information is fine tuned to give you the most accurate and reliable prescription available.

Routine Eye Exams
Your annual eye exam is just as important as your annual physical! Over 80% of Americans consider eyesight their most important sense, so why not guard it? Even if you are seeing well today and you have not had a change in your vision prescription, you still deserve to have the health or your eyes evaluated yearly for potential eye and other diseases.

Why are pupils dilated?
The dilated pupil exam is one of the most important features of your comprehensive examination. When your pupil is dilated, we can assess subtle changes in your health such as early glaucoma, macular degeneration, cataracts, retinal vascular disease, retinal holes and/or tears, hypertension, diabetes, and various types of cancer. The dilated exam is key to early detection and intervention, and allows us to make recommendations to promote your wellness and visual longevity.

About Refraction
Refraction allows us to fine-tune your prescription to give you the sharpest possible vision. We also evaluate the ability of your eyes to focus on near and distant objects - issues with focusing may cause headaches, eyestrain, and discomfort when you sit down to enjoy a book, or close work like sewing. Refraction also helps us recommend near-point prescriptions, computer prescriptions, bifocal adds, and vision therapy as needed.

Optomap Ultra-Wide Digital Rentinal Imaging System
Optomap Ultra-Wide Digital Rentinal Imaging SystemEyecare Associates is excited to announce the addition of the Optomap Rentinal Imaging System to our office. Optos technologies noninvasively generate an instantaneous, ultra-widefield digital image of the retina revealing important information for the comprehensive evaluation of systemic and ocular health. The optomap Retinal Exam is recommended as an integral first step in the clinical evaluation of every patient annually. Learn More.


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